"There is absolutely no substitute for the best. Quality products cannot be made of inferior ingredients. It is the hand and skill of the craftsman along with  the freshest ingredients available that creates the experience." 


Born out of our love for the rich history of Nevada City, Golden Era was envisioned to become a premiere location for handcrafted cocktails, premium local wines, and craft beers. After traveling extensively and visiting many different cocktail venues, we found the perfect location in Nevada City, CA. The Golden Era location has been serving cocktails, spirits & beers since 1867 in the heart of the gold country. Our Brunswick, Balke, Collender "Record" model bar was made in the mid-1890's in Chicago, and has been in place here since 1904 (See the photos in the Tour Golden Era tab).

Our handcrafted cocktails are made from house made syrups & bitters reminiscent of the "golden era" of turn of the century & prohibition style cocktails. We also have a hand crafted soda fountain offering of non-alcoholic beverages. We will offer a small plate menu January 2016.


 If these mirrors could talk .......


Come and experience Golden Era for yourself.

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