Big Lena & Louie Tapero .... late prohibition years. Note the lunch counters. Local family patriarch Mr. Hoskins is behind the bar.

​Taylor Jean and theBlackbird Vox at Golden Era

Cindy G. Birthday Rainbow 4.28.16

San Francisco & Sacramento bartender "Not so Soft Opening" Nov. 15, 2015

​309 Broad Street History

Jerry Cirino circa 1985

309 Broad Street (Golden Era), (circa 1910 Note the Jeffries-Johnson Title Fight Poster on back bar) Owner W.B. Celio is in foreground.

Circa 1913 (calendar), Hans Jepson at the Brunswick Balke Collender front bar. This bar remains there today. Note the stuffed animals as period decorations.

Kentucky Derby Party at Golden Era 2016

Bartender Group photo Nov. 15, 2015

Circa 1923 Sherm Costello with the Brunswick Balke Collender "Record" back bar acquired in 1915. Note the mikshake machine during prohibition years. Care to guess where the whiskey was?


Duffy's Success circa 1960's